Westheimer Coffee Co. LLC was founded in 2016 by April, a lifelong coffee lover, who was born and raised in Houston.   Her fondest memories of the beverage started at an early age when her mother would make ‘café con leche’ (coffee with milk).  This evoked childhood memories of an honest and happy family atmosphere.   Thus, the beverage has always been more than just a drink to her.  She believes that the one cup you raise to your mouth brings experience and heightens the senses.  Coffee allows you experience cultures in different ways.  It is evident that we can make different coffee recipes with a few simple quality ingredients. Each of those recipes creates a new experience each time.  She found herself intimately familiar with the coffee shops she grew up frequenting in Houston.  Her love of event planning combined with the love of coffee spawned a fun and unique business model to the Houston area, the mobile espresso bar.  The idea was to bring a unique coffee catering service to special events across Houston and surrounding areas.  Westheimer Coffee Catering Company not only provides coffee but an experience.  From working with brides on their coffee or hot chocolate bars for their weddings to serving espresso-based drinks to two hundred corporate employees, every event is unique.